We passionately believe that food can be delicious, exciting and healing.

Our food culminates from our desire to bring a farm-to-table with a french flair experience to our back yard. From our travels, we’ve learned that eating rich, natural food can enhance your health and delight your tastebuds. Through our meals and services we hope to better your health through your diet, without it being a “diet”.

All of our food is fresh, local and seasonal. We partner with local farms and vendors to keep our menu fresh and exciting, just like mother nature intended. With each season, we are committed to offering you a variety of meals that are full of flavor and life-long benefits.

We guarantee that you will be able to taste the difference.

Chris Jara

Pastry Chef

I was born and raised in San Antonio and have worked in catering, casual and fine dining restaurants and a local, performing arts center. I live my life to the fullest with my 10-year old miniature dachschund, Taquito, by my side. When I’m not running marathons, I live and breathe pastries.  I love pastry for its artistic abilities, it’s like painting with food.  I love to make feel good food. When you want to spoil yourself by indulging in scintillating, delicious, baked goods, my goal is to make it worth it. At Cafe Dijon, come prepared to taste bold flavors, unique desserts and surprising ingredients. I get very excited about making pastries, almost as much as you will be when it comes to our offerings.

Chris Nieto


I’ve spent ten years as a pastry chef, eight years as a  banquet chef, and six years as a restaurant sous chef.  Twenty years experience working in various hotels and restaurants in San Antonio has taught me a lot, however my greatest influences have been my grandmothers. They were great cooks and taught me a lot of what i’ve carried with me to many spaces in this city, from The Wyndham Hotel to La Contessa and St. Anthony Hotel. Through my work I hope to pass down this gift to my own children and teach them to how to cook for themselves in fulfilling ways. My gift to you, At Cafe Dijon, will be to make and serve delicious food that promotes healthy living.